Air Freight


International Air Freight Services

This service involves transporting goods by air. Adimell has got relationships with airlines to ensure fast and reliable transportation of goods. We leverage our partnerships with Airlines who have scheduled, as well as chartered, flights to provide you with best-in-class service whether you have a time critical or a production planned shipment.

If you have air cargo, we can move it. We handle your entire booking, including documentation, customs clearance, and packing if necessary. We provide personal support and competitive rates. We offer personalized advice on imports and exports, charters, and consolidation shipments. Our delivery services include door-to-door delivery, personal escort with an onboard courier, or NFO (Next Flight Out), ensuring the fastest possible delivery.

As part of our air freight service, we also provide customs clearance and consultation in order to prevent time-consuming and costly problems later on. Shipments are handled in our own (transit) bonded warehouses, in order to reduce transit times.

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