Rail Freight


Efficient and Reliable Rail Transportation Solutions

This service involves transporting goods by railway. Adimell has got relationships with railway agencies to ensure fast and reliable transportation of goods. With offices and reliable partners on strategic locations in Europe and China Adimell can offer you rail transportation as a cost efficient and convenient alternative.

Over the last years, countries as China invested in the railway network. With an average transit time of 18 until 20 days, Rail transport may be an attractive alternative for transporting your cargo. Rail transport takes less time than sea transport. Due to an intensive and regularly time schedule, rail transport offers the opportunity to be more in control of timings and/or your supply chain.

In times of container scares this also means a decrease in container costs. Additionally, with rail transport there are no handling charges. Rail transport perfectly suits companies looking for a faster solution than sea freight. Especially in times when airlines and shipping companies are struggling with capacity problems, a container by rail can offer you a cost-effective solution.

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