Warehousing And Distribution


Comprehensive Solutions for Your Storage and Shipping Needs

Our warehousing and distribution services provide our clients with a cost-effective solution for storing and moving their goods around the world, allowing them to worry less about their supply chain and focus more on the core aspects of their business and its growth.

We take care of receiving, unloading, loading, palletizing, sorting and storing your goods and freight directly at our logistics facilities. Adimell provides constant, immediate access to goods, and fast, effective distribution around the globe.

Adimell can provide you with short, medium or long term warehousing and distribution solutions to accommodate your global supply chain requirements. Both incoming and outgoing products are registered and controlled through barcodes.

Our warehouses use an advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) equipped with Radio Frequency (RF) to support the activities such as scanning and reading these barcodes. Expect efficient administration and a total control of inbound and outbound processes.

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